IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management

- Data center and rack elevation modelling

- Connectivity modeling and tracking

- Quick localization of racks and devices in the data center

- Auto diagramming of floor layouts and rack elevations in Visio®

- Automatic deployment by importing from Excel® and Visio®

- Agentless device discovery & monitoring

- Specialized in IT asset management (not a broad-purposed diagramming solution)

- Includes a complete set of features required for IT asset management for small-medium size data centers

- Cost effective compared to competition

- Easy to use



NetZom 15

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  • super.user

    by super.user

    "Outstanding Rack and Sever Visualization"

    NetZoom has allowed our company to deliver proposals and project plans to our customers with stunning detail. We can sho... More.

    reviewed on June 13, 2016